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4.8 out of 5

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This item is much better than standard floss, especially if your teeth are dense and the regular floss tears when you use it. It also doesn't hurt your gums so big plus there.<br><br>So, since flossing is one of the most important part of dental hygiene, i fully recommend this irrigator to any one who is serious about the health of his gums and teeth.<br><br>5 stars - definitely worth the money.
Очень полезная на кухне вещь. Помогла освободить место ,добавила удобства в мытье посуды. Корпус из нержавеющей стали,механизм помпы -пластик.Выглядит хорошо. Монтаж простой и быстрый:просверлить отверстие 28-32 мм, вставить и закрутить . Упакованы хорошо ,дошло без повреждений .
Been using for about 2 weeks now, works great, 3 settings, soft, hard and pulse, use as tolerated, most efficient is hard, cleans well debris between teeth. Portable can be taken on travel, battery appears to hold, I have used 1 week without, and likely stillhad about half juice in it
Wonderful when u don't want to frie an egg on the old way, sometimes creating a mess when time is short. It's possible to make 2, takes a little bit longer but in the end its cleaner.<br><br>Nice!
подушка хорошая. можно класть не только м/у ног и под голову. удобно. один минус чехол вроде съёмный, но не снимается никак. брал по купону на 600 руб.
I just love the pack: it contains 4 straight and 4 bent straws. They are packaged in a very lovely box suitable for storage. Definitely not disapointed :)
Product recieved as described.<br>Only point i noticed, the installkation guide was not for this product, I don't needed it, but some people might.
good price, but only few of pebbles are glowing intensively, most colours are hard to "charge" enough to be glowing for more than few minutes.
They are a Christmas gift so I am hoping they work as advertised.<br><br>Came pretty fast. They look pretty, just hoping they glow as it sys.
Product & service good as usual, delivered on time and no hassles. Will continue to support and buy from this Supplier.
I got this for a bargain for a few bucks. The tool to blow it up could be better but no real cons.
kids love this! just use it with hot water, coffee, tea or milk and magic happens
nice.perfect is really very useful.i recommend it to everyone.
very nice <br>Arriving the parcel today everything is fine<br>Request 31/10/2018<br>Access 26/11/2018<br>Almost an important month is the parcel there is no damage and works well
Funciona correctamente. Es muy útil. Cumple con su función y va bien para cocinarlo todo ek su punto.
Отличная сеточка для мойки, очень хорошо установилась. Отлично задерживает мусор, при этом вода хорошо уходит
Very functional product that meets all expectations.
Boa construção, funciona perfeitamente, chegou bem mais rápido que o esperado. <br>Recomendo.
Spedizione velocissima. Devo ancora provarle ma per il momento sono soddisfattissimo
Llego antes de lo esperado<br>Lo malo es que un líquido se derramó y se mancho
Bom produto para oferecer.