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"Nitecore is a true cutting Edge brand. Powerful flashlights, superior machining, superb design. Unbelievable prices for this superb brand." "One of the top flashlight brands in the world, Nitecore always delivers. Superb flashlights for EDFC, they have all the outgear light gear I could possibly want - at excellent prices" "Incredibly versatile and affordable flashlights. Top notch performance and build quality. Nitecore rocks hard, thanks!"

4.8 out of 5

Reviews Score Average based 82 reviews

what people are saying
This flashlight is very small and perfect for everyday use cases. Looking for something in your rucksack, in the car, in the basement, under the furniture, finding a keyhole. It's also a good headlamp when clipped to a baseball cap or a headband. Light temperature seems to be about 6000K, so colours are a bit pale. The 200 lumens mode is the highest permanent setting. This is bright enough for low distances, e.g. for use as a headlamp. For the 1000 lumens mode the mode switch has to be pushed permanently and the lamp gets hot quickly. It's just too small and the aluminum case is not massive enough for permanent output in this mode. If you are looking for a lamp for outdoor activities like trekking, camping, fishing and the likes this is not for you. It's not (permanently) bright enough and not even watertight. If you're looking for a flashlight that fits in every pocket being at hand anytime you need it you will be happy.<br><br>I did not like the rattling buttons, so I opened the lamp and glued the button joint with 3M 300LSE tape glue to the circuit board, see picture.
Заказ доставил курьер СДЭК до двери дома. Заказывал 10.10.2019г., получил - 07.11.2019г. <br>Коробка оказалась немного помятой. Это печально. Покупал фонарь на подарок.<br>Печальный момент - магнитная крышка сидела очень плотно. Не мог её открыть. Указанного в инструкции усилия в 2,5 килограмма оказалось недостаточно. Даже снял видео и хотел отправить продавцу для открытия спора. Но в момент съёмки (тянул крышку за штатное кольцо через ручные весы) крышка открылась. Весы показали 5 килограмм!!! Думал колечко оторвётся. Сейчас крышка садится так плотно, что приходится открывать только за комплектный карабинчик. Это единственный минус.<br>А в целом, фонарь - огонь!!! Светит супер!!! Маленький, красивый, аккуратный, яркий. Жалко нет версии с нейтральным светом.
I have the F1 which I like a lot so I got this. The F2 not only allows more charge capacity but also a higher charge amperage from dual batteries. The F2 is rather sophisticated without the bulk or weight. You can charge by the included USB 3.0 cable or use a microUSB cable. The design also allows you to change batteries out as they wear out so it's not a powerbank of limited service life. With a built-in voltmeter and outdoor-friendly design, this thing is great for adventures. I carry my F1 for shorter solo hikes and the F2 for more extended adventures with others.
Saw this headlight and decided to buy it for fixing my car. Owned two chinese noname headlights before. Well, this device is more reliable, no overheating at all, feels solid. But hinges seems very weak (and previous model is famous because of their fragility). I really hope I will not have to fix them on my item.<br>Red LEDs are useless for me. Also I didn't notice any advantages of HiCRI light. It would be nice to see warm white light here, but there is only cold white.<br><br>Сonsidering all this issues, I think it's only 4 stars.
This was my fourth TUBE keychain from Nitecore (I gave two to my family and broke one). I always carry it with my keys. I find it especially helpfull in the morning before sunrise (or in the evening after sundown), when I want to be seen near the road. I just turn on the low setting and hold my keys in the hand. From time to time I recharge the little thing and I never have to worry about buying new batteries.
I bought this headlight some time ago, so I had already an occasion to check it properly. I used it already many times for different outdoor and also indoor activities, like cycling, hiking,... or for example for some repairing in my garage.<br>I am very satisfied, mainly for my cycling. You can go mountain biking in the dark forest at night and it is almost as light as during the day! Perfect.
Torcia molto potente, con un fascio abbastanza concentrato.<br>Di notte alla massima potenza, se abituati a torce "normali", fa paura.<br>Arrivata con custodia in nylon, cinghietto e oring in plastica perchè non rotoli se appoggiata orizzontalmente. Molto comoda la possibilità di riporla verticalmente.<br>Acquistata a circa 20 Euro, cosa voler di più.
Le produit est tres bien, eclaire parfaitement! Mais, il n'est pas incassable comme indiqué dans les caracteristiques et dans la pub en faisat roulé un 4x4 par dessus, lol. Tombé par terre 2 ou 3 fois, le coin est cassé
This is a very good light with a great LED tint. It also has a really good beam with plenty of spill, I use it at work all the time working on trucks. 4-5k tint is the sweet spot for LED's if you ask me.
Ich verwende diesen Akkumulator in einer wiederaufladbaren Taschenlampe, Eagle Eye X5R, zusammen ergibt das einfach nur den Burner, mehr geht nicht! Meine Empfehlung! ;-)
Excelente lanterna para EDC, tenho outras mais potentes, mas o tamanho, o peso e a iluminação da Nitecore Tube tem o conjunto ideal. Já tinha a preta, mas a transparente parece que ilumina mais.
Have this a while now, and it is still one of the best purchases I've made in a while. Handy little thing, but very powerful, and still going strong after almost a year
Small, light, and very bright. I use it everyday attached to my keychain: when I need light its always ready. It's metallic made.
The product took a long time to arrive, even so it is excellent, the led is very strong
Battery Charger is capable of charging four 18640 batteries simultaneously. The display is minimal, but it functions very well.
Nice flashlight.. small , but very useful<br>Nice flashlight.. small , but very useful<br>Nice flashlight.. small , but very useful<br>Nice flashlight.. small , but very useful<br>Nice flashlight.. small , but very useful
More then enough light. Different levels of brightness can be used depending on conditions.
Легкий, яркий, висит на ключах. Заряжается от телефонной зарядки. Есть у меня и обычный фонарь, но этот всегда со мной. Выручает постоянно. Подсвечиваю дорогу домой в полной темноте. На среднем режиме хватает на пару недель. Рекомендую !
Gostei demais. Não conhecia a marca, mas pretendo adiquirir mais produtos dela a partir de agora
Отличный фонарь светит ярко такой маленький но светит как большой фонарь ,есть три свечение ,есть крепление проверил держится отлично ,рекомендую на 5 из 5
Отправляли 40 дней. Шел месяц. По фонарю : за 300 рублей, почему бы и нет. Если дороже: ну нафиг... Есть много других хороших фонарей. Непойму откуда столько восторга у соотечественников по поводу этого фонарика.
LCD display<br>Not a quick charger but does fairly good to charge 18650 batteries
I used it for trail running during night. it has a very good light (for me it is enough the medium light level) a e optimum battery duration. moreover it is very light, I don't feel it. very very good
Dropped this loads. Solid and keeps working. Bright and lasts.
Замечательный и полезный наключник. Использую несколько лет, работает отлично, постоянно пригождается.
Eine super Lampe, dessen Akku sehr lange Strom liefert. Für EDC super geeignet. Ich habe sie an den Rucksackgurt geklippt. Top Produkt!
Bellissima torcia esteticamente molto bella e pratica per le sue piccole dimensioni.<br>Ho fatto un ottimo acquisto con l'offerta di Gearbest.
Sono davvero soddisfatto di questa piccola luce la uso collegata alle chiavi di casa la luce e davvero forte.<br>Nitecore e una garanzia.
Отличный фонарик брелок, ношу с собой на ключах уже несколько лет. Есть ещё такой же уф. Тоже зачёт. Суперские
Très bon produit ! Fonctionne parfaitement. Elle est légère et compact, vraiment très pratique sur un trousseau de clés.