A growing global phenomenon, Xiaomi has an amazing portfolio of products. By building on their streamlined production processes, Xiaomi has successfully integrated forward-thinking designs into each and every one of their product lines. 2014 was an unbelievable year for Xiaomi, releasing new phones, tablets, and earphones. With each growing success, Xiaomi has greater confidence in the ability to expand into other products.

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"Genuine world-class brand. Stunning designs, leading craftsmanship and flagship-level products at affordable prices. The new leader." "Always impressive, I love Xiaomi products for their consistency: they look and feel fantastic. And deliver uncompromising performance."

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Pagato €7.17 in offerta.Davvero un ottimo prodotto, ma l'applicazione non ha tutte le funzioni necessarie e possibili, ci sono molte applicazioni compatibili con tante più funzioni dell'originale.Super robusto in anni di utilizzo gli ho dato parechi colpi e non è mai successo niente.C'è stato un aggiornamento del firmware che ha sboccato anche la funzione cardio, mentre prima era possibile usarla solo con telefono connesso, ora si può impostare un intervallo di misurazione e tutte le funioni passi, sonno e battiti funzionano senza dover essere sempre connessi al telefono.Unico difetto riscontrato è sulle notifiche, dopo qualche mese la vibrazione funzionava solo ogni tanto, forse è un problema software.Essendo piccolo e poco ingombrante ci si dimentica di averlo al polso e si rischia di perderlo, ma con le funzioni dell'apllicazine è facile risalire a quando lo si è perso e ritrovarlo è relativamente facile.Per sicurezza ne ho subito comporato un altro di scorta.
Very useful charging ports with 3 sockets and 3 USB ports. <br>The charge process is very quick, and safe. It has got a main switch, useful to have the switch to power off all attached devices without necessarily unplugging the main plug from the wall.. <br><br>Compared to the standard objects that you can buy from retailers and supermarkets its a very good build quality and also it looks like a consumer friendly product and not something which you would use just in an industry.<br>Also the feature of being able to plug tons of different countries sockets is something which cannot be normally found.<br><br>The power strip works perfectly.
This is the upgraded version of the old 1.2W single-level Xiaomi light. It now has a noticeably warmer tint of light, which is very nice to look at, along with five different light levels ranging up to 2.5W.Being able to choose a suitable light level is very useful, as it allows the user to opt for a low level to save power or avoid dazzle at close range, but still have the option to light a larger area with more light when needed.I carry one of these in my backpack, along with my 3000 mAh power bank. This light can operate at full power for over three hours that way, and up to twelve hours at lower levels. Nice for travelling!They are also very helpful during a power cut, because you can turn a large power bank into a lantern for a very long time. My 20000 mAh power bank would provide two or three whole evenings' worth of full power light, and even longer at lower levels!
I had a bit of problems with the shipment of the product.<br>The product itself is really amazing!<br>Blazing fast, touchscreen is really sensitive and even with 50% ROM usage it still works like a charm.<br>One of the most cool feature of this smartphone, which is not mentioned anywhere, is that it has an its own "security app". This app will help you keep your phone fit by cleaning it from obsolete files and improving the life of your battery turning off useless apps which are running or by smart balancing the light of the screen.<br><br>If i really have to find a flaw in this product, well it has none.<br>At the time when I bought the phone I was afraid to be in trouble if would happen something to it (like falling, being hit, ...) since there were no Xiaomi product centre in my country yet, but that was solved with a cover with amazing bumpers.
Pros:<br>+ Compact and very well designed.<br>+ Do its function as expected (four parameters are monitored).<br>+ Price (with a coupon) was very adequate, so why not give this product a chance?<br>+ Several units can be used at the same time withe the official app, so you can monitor key plants in your garden/home<br><br>Cons:<br>- Sometimes has trouble finding connection, but seem to be improved trough latest app updates
Уж насколько моя жена скептична к покупкам в китайских магазинах, но в этот раз в поездке несколько раз сказала: ну очень удачный чемодан, лучший, что у нас был. Наградили на обратном пути 23кг в него и тем не менее катался он на 4х колосках очень даже комфортно. Материалы, фурнитура, объём - все ок.
I ordered this smartphone as a second one.<br>I'm used to have good quality smartphones, and this one is a great one.<br>The MIUI interface is different from the stock Android but offers some very interesting functions, such as sharing WiFi parameters without knowing the password.<br>The photos are very hig quality even in low light conditions.<br>After more than a year of use, yhe battery is always good and I don't need to recharge every day.<br>I'll order a Mi8 and expect that the qualit is almost the same.
El ordenador en chino, con el teclado inglés, bien avisado en la venta, si esto lo sabes resolver el precio es estupendo.<br>Pero el cargador no me funcionaba y la solución ha sido devolverme 30€, y la verdad que por el desenvolso esperaba mejor solución, busqué 3 diferentes por Amazon y ninguno iba (cuidado si os pasa) Acabé en Media Markt, solucionado, pero por 50€, asi que algo molesto estoy. <br>El ordenador como un tiro, muy agradable y rápido de usar, ligero y del tamaño de un cuaderno, da gusto.
I bought this when i didnt have much money and really needed a good cellphone with good specs, and i got what i payed for.<br>It is just incredible, all the things, the hardware and software are almost a unbeatable combination, it really destroys any other cellphone for the same price.<br>I had this phone for 2 years and never disapointed me, and i am sure that is not gonna disapoint you
I've been using for over 8 months, I'm happy. Very fast electric kettle. It looks good, it has a minimalist design. One touch button is on the boiling water, the other can be set in the application - a choice of two modes and temperature. Be careful not to touch the outer metal parts on top - they are hot.
Yes (0)<br>very good!<br>+ Very nice design <br>+ Firmly holding the phone <br>+ Bluetooth connected quickly <br>+ Battery holds a long time !!! more than a month can not be charged! It is holding at constant use for more than three days <br>+ long <br>+ Comfortable to hold <br>+ Comfortable to wear, fold quickly <br>The goods are very satisfied, all I advise !!!
It's now more than a year since I have bought this purifier. I use it in the bedroom and my sleeping quality improved. The 2.5 ppm dropped from 150+ to 20 when sleeping. It has also nice smell when you replace the filter by new one.
Por el precio el cable está excelente.<br><br>El tamaño es el adecuado para conectar a corta distancia.<br><br>Eso sí, el cable es algo delgado así que hay que tener cuidado, pero incluso después de 1 año de uso diario, sin estás moviendo el cable mucho, no ha presentado ninguna falla o rompimiento.
Ich liebe diese Notebook. Die Verarbeitung ist großartig und die Performance ist ausreichend. Habe noch eine zweite ssd eingebaut. Es sieht auch nach langer Nutzung immer noch aus wie neu. Was ich ebenfalls hervorragend finde ist das Display. Noch nie so ein gutes Display bei einem Notebook gesehen.
è la seconda cassa che acquisto. Avevo già recensito il primo acquisto descrivendo come non ci si aspetti un suono così potente da un oggetto così piccolo. A distanza di tempo posso aggiungere che la batteria dura parecchio. Tuttaltra cosa rispetto alla cassa da pochi euro non di marca che acquistai tempo fa e che doveva essere messa in carica ogni 2 giorni. Ho speso qualche euro in più ma così non devo spendere 2 volte.
This product exceeded my expectations: it works much better than a speakerphone, since the sound has it amplified to double. Also, when watching a video, I hear sounds that I could not perceive on a mobile device. The microphone is amazing, I can use it in calls and I will not worry about anything.
Articolo arrivato in condizioni perfette e subito pronto per l’utilizzo! Funziona benissimo sono molto soddisfatto!<br>L’unica nota negativa è stata la durata della spedizione perchè si è un po prolungata ma alla fine è arrivato e anche bello funzionante.
Original Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter<br>• High efficiency 3 layers filter: Primary filter net, EPA filter net, high quality activated carbon filter <br>• The filter can remove 99.99 percent of PM2.5 particles, bacteria, heavy metal, organic matter, etc.<br>• Easy and fast to install
Sono le perfette cuffie da usare ogni giorno , senza paura di sbatterle , maltrattarle perderle.<br>La qualità di costruzione è ottima , come per tutti i prodotti xiaomi.<br>La qualità audio è ottima e sicuramente si fa valere anche contro cuffie che costano fino ai 30, 40€ .<br>Peccato che dopo qualche mese di utilizzo una delle cuffie ha smesso di funzionare, ma posso assicurare che le ho messe a dura prova
eu gostei muito do aparelho, rápido, intuitivo e muito funcional...<br><br>uso Netflix, YouTube, Ted talks, HBO go, globo play, TV por Internet... e existem ainda muitos outros aplicativos na Google play Store, a loja de aplicativos dele, mas você ainda pode instalar aplicativos de fora
Excelente, justo lo que necesitaba. De hecho es el segundo que pido y hasta ahora han salido muy bien, no tengo ninguna queja. Quizá solo que en los equipos de xiaomi vinieran con este tipo de adaptador en vez del europeo.
Es un móvil que cumple con creces a un precio bastante bueno. Estaba buscando un móvil para mi padre que fuera fácil de configurar y de usar con una potencia media y barato. Este modelo de Xiaomi cumple muy bien. Mi padre lleva utilizándolo mucho tiempo y no le ha dado ningún problema. Está muy contento. Lo recomiendo.<br>Respecto al envío todo fué muy bien. Lo recibí en plazo. Todo perfecto.
Покупал,заказывал этот планшет четыре года назад,планшет пришел б/у так-как были коцки на корпусе и на экране были царапины одна из них глубокая.,походу был восстановленный ну или просто кому-то он поднадоел.Хотя сам планшет работает до сих пор без нареканий.
Does everything it should, is stable, has a good screen. Absolutely a good purchase. Recommended for all users.<br>My one complaint is the price, which seems high, particularly since the Mi Pad 4 is about the same price. Still, this is a very good tablet.
Safe packaging, unbroken product. Easy to set up and perfect operation. 2 weeks shipping. Consumption metering also works. Nice design.
j'ai jeté mon dévolu sur un Xiaomi MI4C, prix/performance ... imbattable, mais petit problème ..en effet en France impossible de ce le procurer autrement qu'en passant par un site étranger ... là il faut pas se tromper .. j'ai donc lu des avis sur des forums ... j'ai mis ma confiance dans gearbest ... pas déçu .... prix et délai maintenu ... surtout le prix ... imbattable ... je recommande ..
This phone has a pretty good quality-price relation, so I think that although it is not state of the art in terms of hardware, it is still pretty good, wth smooth transitions, I was able to play my favourite games and it also has plenty of space to keep my app data and photos.<br>The camera could be a little bit better, but it is good enough to take some nice pics.
Ottimo prodotto, facilissimo da configurare con un design molto semplice ma allo stesso tempo molto bello.<br>Le molteplici configurazioni non mi hanno mai dato problemi, interagisce benissimo con il gateway.
Lo smartphone è in uso da due anni, non l'ho mai aggiornato e sbloccato, quindi è rimasto alla versione della miui originale. Non ha dato mai nessun tipo di problema. Caduto per terra più' volte si è rotto il proteggi schermo che avevo preventivamente installato ma il telefono ha continuato a funzionare come un orologio svizzero!
Ottimo telefono sia come ricezione che audio.Il lettore posteriore delle impronte non sbaglia un colpo e grazie alla grande memoria è molto veloce sia nell'aggiornamento che nell'utilizzo delle varie applicazioni .<br>Le foto sono ottime ,forse con colori leggermente più tenui rispetto a Samsung ma niente di che.<br>Lo consiglio